Where To Find Chocolate Cocktails in LA

— by Caroline on Crack

For those of us who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but do love their rich and decadent chocolate, you can trade your trip to See’s for somewhere wayyy better: L.A. bars that have chocolate cocktails. Bonus, besides the booze and chocolate combo, is that you don’t have to rush on over to get them for V Day as they’re available ALL season.

Sotto’s Mint Chocolate Malt

Sotto Mint Chocolate Malt chocolate cocktails

Sotto’s Mint Chocolate Malt: Branca Menta, cream, chocolate, evaporated cane sugar, mint, club soda

This baby has actually been on the menu at Sotto for awhile but it’s the perfect after-dinner drink what with herbaceous and minty Fernet Branca Menta.

Birds & Bees’ Chocolate Soldier

Birds and Bees Chocolate Soldier chocolate cocktails

Birds & Bees’ Chocolate Soldier: Cognac, dry vermouth, creme de cacao, Cynar, bitters

This one at the new Birds & Bees bar downtown isn’t your typical chocolate cocktail. Not syrupy or super sweet, rather, it’s bitter, super dry and light.

Big Bar’s Peppermint Cocoa Fizz

Big Bar Peppermint Cocoa Fizz chocolate cocktails

Peppermint Cocoa Fizz: Woodford Reserve bourbon, Wondermint, Fernet Branca, vanilla, creme de cacao, egg white, cream, fizz

Who says peppermint cocktails are only for Christmas? Even though this chocolate mint fizz has been on the winter menu at Big Bar since the holidays, it’s still a must-have.

Sassafras Saloon’s Christopher Oaxacan

chocolate cocktails Photo by Danielle Bernabe

Christopher Oaxacan: Tequila Ocho Plata, El Silencio Black, Creme De Cacao A La Vanille, habanero syrup, cream, Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters, smoked sea salt

For a smokey and spicy chocolate cocktail, order up the Christopher Oaxacan at Sassafras Saloon with that hit of mezcal and habanero syrup.

1886 Bar’s Golden Ticket

1886 Bar Golden Ticket chocolate cocktails

The Golden Ticket: Evan Williams peanut-infused bourbon, Marie Brizzard Brown Cacao liqueur, Cynar, and a golden ticket garnish.

Grab the Willie Wonka-inspired Golden Ticket, a peanut butter cup in cocktail form, at 1886 Bar, it even comes with a “golden ticket” garnish courtesy of Pastry Chef Raymond Morales.