Giveaway: Tickets to LA Magazine’s Caroline on Crack 10th Blogiversary Party

— by Caroline on Crack

Celebrating 10 Years on Crack.

Celebrating 10 Years on Crack.

This August marked the 10th anniversary of this blog Caroline on Crack. To put that in perspective, I remember when Sprinkles first started the cupcake craze in L.A., when Seven Grand first opened, and when the Kogi BBQ food truck first hit the streets. That’s a decade of drinking, eating and blogging in L.A. It’s a big deal to me considering my friend Michael, a website developer, was the one who had to convince me to even start blogging. He built my first site and everything to make it easy. I figured it would be something I’d get bored with right away. But nope!

Cut to now, and even though there are tons of social media platforms other than blogging, I’m still here. Maybe not so much writing for the original Caroline on Crack blog but now for Los Angeles Magazine and Eater Drinks. What started as a hobby has actually turned into a paying gig!

Anyway it’s been an awesome 10 years and I wanted to thank all those who’ve followed along for the ride. Who’ve supported me and encouraged me to keep on keeping on. You were there when I won those three LA Weekly Webby Awards, when I got banned from Seven Grand, and when I ran the L.A. Marathon.  I wanted to thank you by giving away tickets to attend a 10th blogiversary party Los Angeles Magazine is graciously hosting for me this coming Monday the 14th!

There will be live music, savory bites and, naturally, cocktails! And not just any cocktails but Bulleit Bourbon creations by Julian Cox, Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix who will also be behind the stick. THOSE guys, bartending MY party!

For a chance at winning just email (Subject line: Caroline on Crack Anniversary Sweepstakes) and we’ll randomly select a few winners to attend! I really hope to see you there!

In the meantime, let me take the opportunity to share a few of my favorite moments I blogged about here this past decade.