Tonight: Cana Rum Bar Fall Cocktail Menu Debuts

— by Caroline on Crack

Cana Rum Bar Fall Cocktails by Caroline on Crack

Hello, Autumn! Clockwise: Cana Rum Bar’s Joy Ride, Shadow Dancer, Pumpkin Colada.

Tonight Cana Rum Bar debuts its brand-new fall cocktail menu (see below) which will not only bring back crowd favorite, the Pumpkin Colada, but will also feature a new ice cream cocktail which uses a Manhattan ice cream! This takes the place of my summertime favorite, Schoolyard Crush, which was made with a housemade Angostura bitters and strawberry ice cream. And although you can kiss all your favorite Cana summer cocktails good-bye, General Manager Danielle Crouch says you can still ask for the Schoolyard Crush TONIGHT as there’s still some of that ice cream left!

I’d say that’s a great way to transition into fall before you jump into those new season, that is. I didn’t get to try the new Manhattan ice cream cocktail because it was still freezing when I went last night but I did get a taste of some of the new drinks. Naturally I couldn’t get enough of the Pumpkin Colada which is the epitome of a fall cocktail in L.A. Tropical, thanks to the coconut cream, and yet possessing those warm autumn notes, especially that pumpkin! I’m a sucker for coconut so I also fell in love with the On the Lam cocktail as well. Coconut with subtle spice.

Cana Rum Bar Fall Cocktail Joy Ride by Caroline on Crack

Joy Ride: Espolon Reposado, fresh pressed Granny Smith apple juice, pear puree, rosemary syrup, fresh lemon

Cana Rum Bar's On the Lam by Caroline on Crack

On the Lam: Tanqueray Old Tom, Cardamaro, Fresh Lime, House Coconut Cream

Cana Rum Bar's Pumpkin Colada by Caroline on Crack

Pumpkin Colada: Knob Creek 100 proof rye, lemon hart 151, pumpkin butter, coconut cream, organic pumpkin purée, lemon

Other cocktails we tried last night. There are 17 drinks altogether, including the ice cream and the pitchers:

  • Shadow Dancer (pictured above) with Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Kirsch, China Amer, Morlacco, Maraschino was potent and Manhattanesque.
  • First Glance: Solbeso Cacao Brandy, Fresh Lemon, Honey, Sambuuca, Fig Balsamic
  • Funky Brewster: Pierre Ferrand 1840, Ragged Mountain Rum, Fresh Lime, Fresh Grapefruit, Roasted Pineapple Syrup, topped with Modern Times Blazing World “Dank Amber” Red Ale

General Manager Danielle Crouch by Caroline on Crack
  <p id="caption-attachment-48109" class="wp-caption-text">
    General Manager Danielle Crouch says you can still get a hold of that summertime ice cream cocktail, Schoolyard Crush, tonight!

Cana Rum Bar
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Los Angeles, California 90014
(213) 745-7090

Fall menu

Cana Rum Bar's Fall Cocktail Menu Part 1

Cana Rum Bar's Fall Cocktail Menu Part 2