All the Cocktail Gift Guides for Your Favorite Boozer

— by Caroline on Crack

Cocktail gift guide item: Caroline on Crack as Manhattan by Dave Stolte

Drinkified by Home Bar Basics’ Dave Stolte.

Oh noes! Only a week left til Christmas! It snuck up on us there. If you STILL haven’t shopped for your cocktail loving friends and had hoped to actually give them something other than a bottle of booze for a change this year, lucky for you it seems that every food and drink blog out there has compiled their own cocktail gift guides (including me!). Here they all are for your easy perusal. Good luck!

Los Angeles Magazine Digest’s “Gift Guide: This is What to Buy for Your Favorite Cocktail Geek“: I came up with this one with an angle to cocktail-loving Angelenos. Meaning, it’s made up of stuff that you can only find in Los Angeles. Well, except the Uber which is just a good gift for any occasion. It’s too late to get an order in for a Drinkify portrait by Home Bar Basic’s Dave Stolte, but you can still order up a barrel-aged kit at Bar Keeper!’s “Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Imbiber“: The thing this list has going for it, apart from being made up of fun items, is that you can get everything on it online! Plus, each would pair really well with a bottle of booze. Heh.

Serious Eats’ “Gift Guide: For Cocktail Lovers“: This guide is made up of items that “will be a hit with cocktailians, home mixologists, and fanciers of booze in general.” Gift ideas range from handmade copper flasks to vintage cocktail books to a gin lover’s gin.

Food & Wine’s “Gifts for the Cocktail Enthusiast“: OK, this list is more booze-intensive with suggestions like a way affordable small-batch gin and a fragrant Hungarian digestif, but great ideas all.

Imbibe Magazine’s “2013 Holiday Gift Guide“: For its November/December issue, Imbibe compiled a pretty epic gift guide. But you can easily access it online and it’s even broken down into categories like “Stocking Stuffers” and “$100 and Under.”

Baubles & Cocktails’ “Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Lover“: Although this guide is kind of a pain in the ass to navigate what with all the links to each item at the bottom of the page, it features fun, stylish items like an obsidian bottlestopper to classy decanter tags.