What Was Your First Favorite Cocktail?

— by Caroline on Crack

First Favorite Cocktail White Russians by Caroline on Crack

My first cocktail love: White Russians. Lost & Found (left), Cole’s (right)

Every drinker had to start somewhere. That first favorite cocktail that set them on the long road to boozing. That mixed drink that back then they’d proudly order at those first few bars, but now they may hang their head in embarrassment.  But they shouldn’t be ashamed. Back then we started drinking for different reasons, whether to feel grown-up or get wasted.

For me, my first default cocktail was the White Russian. Back in my early days of drinking I was big into coffee, especially those sweet coffee drinks. I’m not embarrassed by it now, as it’s still one of my favorites, especially a well-crafted White Russian!

But what was YOUR first favorite cocktail? I asked some pro drinkers and here are their answers:

Gin & Tonic by Caroline on Crack

Gin & Tonic, a clean and straightforward starter cocktail.

Josh Goldman, mixologist for Acabar: “Gin and tonic.”

Trevor Easter, Plymouth and Beefeater Gin Ambassador: “Effin Black Cherry press (Black cherry vodka and 7up/soda water. A press was a night club category). Mind Eraser for shots.”

Randy Clemens, author of The Sriracha Cookbook:Tom Collins. It was probably the first cocktail I ever had, to be honest. A cute friend of mine was drinking one and offered me a sip. I liked the bitter component and the botanicals, but it was the sweet finish that undoubtedly appealed to me. I later grew up and went on to love martinis, gin gimlets, and of course gin & tonics!”

Krissy Lefebvre aka @FrenchChefWife: “White Russian followed by a melon ball. Oh the headaches.”

Christina Perozzi of the Beer Chicks: “Ours was the Harvey Wallbanger. We thought we were so cool.”

Joey Bernardo, Harvard & Stone bartender: “A baby Guinness shot. All. Fucking. Day. Long.”

Midori Sour by Caroline on Crack

Want a Midori Sour, little girl?

Lina Lecaro, LA Slush and LA Weekly nightlife blogger: “Girlie-girl Midori Sours.  The main reason I loved ’em was cuz they were neon green!”

Matthew Robold, RumDood: “Gin & Tonic. Then rum & coke. Then White Russian. Then I went to St. Lucia and was ruined forever.”

Diana Hossfeld, Diana Takes a Bite:Amaretto Sour. (Hangs head in shame)”

Lacey Murillo, formerly of 1886: “Tom Collins. First one I learned to make for my parents as a wee thing. First one I got sick on. They are still delish.”

Maya Meinert, Shop Eat Sleep blogger: “Jack & Ginger, which usually meant Jack with Coke and Sprite mixed together.”

Bill Esparza, Street Gourmet LA blogger: “Long Island, because that’s what my dad drank.”

Pat Saperstein, Eating LA blogger: “Pina Coladas and Greyhounds. No other votes for Greyhounds?”