Jack Daniels Gives Frank Sinatra One More for the Road With Its Sinatra Select

— by Caroline on Crack

Last night at legendary Rat Pack stomping grounds La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills, Jack Daniels debuted its new limited-edition Sinatra Select whiskey, a whiskey commemorating the 100th birthday of its biggest and coolest fan, Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes was buried with a bottle of Jack! This Sinatra whiskey, which is 90 proof compared to the 80 proof of the regular Jack, is the classic Tennessee whiskey aged in special “Sinatra Barrels.” The barrels’ staves have deep grooves inside to expose the whiskey to twice as much wood. The result? A smooth and bold character, just like Frankie himself, a crooner with a velvet voice but a larger-than-life personality.

At the party we all got a sip of the good stuff. “When you take that first sip, you’re like ‘Wow, that’s a whiskey.’ And then it goes away and it’s a smooth finish. A lot of that is the way it’s aged in these barrels with the exposure to the wood,” said Eric Tecosky, party host and “proud consumer of Jack Daniels.”

What are its tasting notes? “You pick up on the vanilla, some toffee, butterscotch and some of that oak. It’s really smooth like a Gentleman Jack but it’s a much different whiskey,” said Eric. “It has more of the complex profile of an aged whiskey and that smoke and heat that bourbons don’t have.” It is pretty intense and made even better with a splash of water. They passed out big blocks of ice around the party to drop into the Sinatra but with a bottle of this running $150, I figured it was best to forgo the cube so as not to dilute it too much.

Would Sinatra have liked this liquid tribute? Of course all we can do is speculate but considering he usually drank two fingers of Jack with a splash of water and three ice cubes, sounds like it might be too intense for him. But then again maybe he just watered down his whiskey so he could last the entire night.

Jack Daniels Sinatra Select is available in duty-free stores and is now also available in select stores in L.A., Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, NYC, San Francisco, New Jersey and Tennessee.