10 Questions With Pro Drinkers Zane Lamprey and Dan Dunn

— by Caroline on Crack

Zane Lamprey and Dan Dunn courtesy of Dan Dunn

Zane Lamprey and Dan Dunn courtesy of Dan Dunn

Zane Lamprey (“Drinking Made Easy”) and Dan Dunn (Playboy’s The Imbiber) working together on new podcast “Happy Hour with Zane and Dunn” is a match made in boozer heaven. I’m a huge fan of both; both ruggedly handsome, hilarious and, boy, can they throw ’em back. Truly men after my own heart. Amazingly the universe didn’t bring these two together sooner. Zane broadcasted his world-wide bar hop on his shows “Three Sheets” and “Drinking Made Easy” while Dan chronicled his own drinking adventures through his books and satellite radio show.

And when I first saw them on stage together at last year’s Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards I knew it was cocktail comedy gold. Thankfully for all of us, they finally joined forces. Their new podcast aired for the first time last week and new episodes will be available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can either stream it on their Web site ZaneDunn.com or listen to it via iTunes. Upcoming guests include Parker Young from ABC’s “Suburgatory” and the upcoming Fox series “Enlisted” as well as Oliver Cooper from “Project X” and “Californication” and Time magazine’s Joel Stein.

To get a taste of their chemistry I drilled them with questions which they seemed to have fun answering. Too bad I didn’t get to ask them in person.

1. What was the weirdest thing you woke up next to after a night of drinking?

Dan Dunn: Weird Al Yankovic.

Zane Lamprey: Dan.

2. What do you drink at home to relax?

DD: At the end of a long day, I like to kick back with a gin and tonic with a splash of Ambien.

ZL: I have a rum company, so technically I pay myself to give it to myself for free. So it’s free rum, at a cost. I usually drink my coconut rum on the rocks with a lime. Then, if someone comes over, I pour myself my spiced rum, neat, so they think I’m extra manly.

3. Where’s your favorite place to drink in L.A.?

DD: In my car on the way to the office… kidding! (I don’t have an office). But seriously, I live on the Westside, so I frequent The Tasting Kitchen, Townhouse and Sunny Spot in Venice. I like Copa d’Ora and Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica. When I venture east of the 405, it’s Jones, Eveleigh, Jumbo’s Clown Room, the Varnish, Zane Lamprey’s treehouse and anywhere close to, yet not within the court-prohibited 500-feet of David and Victoria Beckham.

ZL: At home, on my couch, alone, with a tub of ice cream, talking to a photo of Dan. Or, when I’m out of ice cream, I head to the Laurel and Ventura area, because I live in The Valley. Dan lives on the Westside of LA because he hasn’t come to terms with his age. That being said, I enjoy hitting up Black Market Liquor Bar, Laurel Tavern and Mexicali. All very different, but with the same result.

4. Who’s your dream girl? (An actual person, not just traits)

DD: Caroline on Crack. Assuming, that is, you are an actual person. I dream of Jeannie sometimes, too.

ZL: My wife… when she turned 18.

5. What was your first go-to drink/favorite cocktail to order at bars?

DD: Probably a virgin Long Island Iced Tea.

ZL: Beer… with beer back.

6. What famous person would you like to go drinking with (dead or alive)?

DD: I’d like to go drinking with Carlos Mencia, dead.

ZL: Haha, how can I top that?!

**7. “I’d be impressed if a girl ordered a ______ (cocktail).”**

DD: Fourteenth.

ZL: Fifteenth (topped you!)

8. Name one favorite trait about each other.

DD: I really admire Zane’s ass…ertiveness.

ZL: Dan takes dick…tation well.

9. Favorite hangover cure?

DD: If legendary stoner Jeff Spicoli taught us anything in that memorable scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High — in which he gleefully whacks himself in the skull with a checkered Vans shoe—it’s that getting baked makes you virtually invulnerable to head trauma. I mean, seriously, if cancer patients use the sticky icky to mitigate the ill effects of chemotherapy, what chance does a hangover have?

ZL: When I was in Jamaica, shooting “Three Sheets,” I started my last morning at Ted’s Tea Shack, where Ted makes tea with an herbal ingredient… about a quarter ounce of an herbal ingredient (wink, wink). I drank the tea and told Ted that it did, in fact, relax me and alleviate my hangover to some degree. His response was “It’s only been about 15 minutes, mon, give it 15 more”. Sure enough, 15 minutes later, I lost the use of my legs. Whether my hangover was completely cured, I can’t be sure. Ganja-induced paralysis is enough to take your mind off of a headache and a queasy stomach.

10. What bottle of booze is the best present anyone can give you?

DD: If someone were to gift me a bottle of Henri IV Cognac Grande Champagne, I’d be stoked.

ZL: I don’t know, but if Dan gets a bottle of Henri IV Cognac Grande Champagne, I’d check eBay for it the next day. He’s a cheap bastard!