How To Eat a CoolHaus Shop Ice Cream Sandwich

— by Caroline on Crack

CoolHaus ice cream sandwich by Caroline on Crack

CoolHaus ice cream sandwich before I messed it up.

The brick-and-mortar CoolHaus Shop in Culver City has lots of cool things going for it over its truck counterpart. Not only does it serve San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee but it has a Mason Jar program where you can mix ice cream with stuff like hot chocolate, coffee, or hot chocolate AND coffee. But, I still have to go back to those ice cream sandwiches. Delicious cookies paired with unusual flavors. Occasionally they even get boozy flavors like Manhattans or Maker’s Mark Southern Bell (bourbon, brown butter, peaches and pecans). It’s always fun to mix and match as well as create kickass combinations. Fig balsamic mascarpone ice cream with lemon olive oil cookies, nom!

For some reason, however, I could never get the hang of eating them neatly as they’re always too wide, no matter how far I try and stretch my gaping maw. But on a recent visit, **I figured out the secret to eating a CoolHaus ice cream sandwich neatly is to first not regard it as a sandwich. ** So simple!

First, here’s how NOT to eat it as demonstrated by my boyfriend and his Nutella almond ice cream with chocolate chip cookie.

The Wrong Way

Coolhaus ice cream sandwich by Caroline on Crack

How NOT to eat a CoolHaus ice cream sandwich.

This is the aftermath of his method: trying to break the top cookie with the tiny plastic spoon by jamming the spoon into it. All that succeeded in doing was push the sandwich flat causing the ice cream to ooze out the sides. Sad trombone. The ice cream got everywhere and soaked the paper band so when he went after the dislodged ice cream with the spoon he ended up scooping up and eating the wet paper as well. “They really should use wax paper,” he said. Needless to say, this was a five-napkin method. Of course, with this ice cream sandwich now a manageable width he can eat it the traditional way.

The Right Way

CoolHaus ice cream sandwich by Caroline on Crack

CoolHaus fig balsamic mascarpone ice cream sandwich all neat and intact.

Remember, even though it looks like a sandwich, it’s not.

  1. Tackle the ice cream first revealing a bit of the bottom cookie at a time and then you can break it off with the spoon. The ice cream would have helped to soften the cookie so it’s easier.
  2. You can then scoop up the ice cream with each broken up cookie.
  3. As for that top cookie, either flip the “sandwich” over and repeat steps 1 and 2 or clean that cookie off and eat it separately.
  4. When finished, dab your mouth with your one napkin.

CoolHaus Shop
8588 W Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232 (map)
(310) 424-5559
Hours:Sunday-Thursday 12pm-10pm, Friday-Saturday 12pm-11pm
Twitter: @coolhaus