5 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Should Know How To Make, Part 2

— by Caroline on Crack

So, folks, Friday’s Bloody Mary recipe on LA Magazine’s Digest blog was the last one of my Essential Cocktails series, making that 10 classic cocktail recipes everyone should have at their disposal. Hope you found the posts helpful and that they serve you well when you find yourself entertaining last-minute guests. “Anyone want a Prescription Julep or a Sidecar? I know how to make good ones,” you can boast AND back that up.

I’m gonna miss doing this series, learning about cocktail history and picking up cool techniques from some of the best bartenders in Los Angeles. Like, I didn’t realize that for the mint julep it’s best to press the mint leaves softly rather than muddle them to oblivion which just makes the drink bitter. Or when using a lemon to wet the rim of a glass for a Sidecar cocktail, you just cut a nickel-size piece of the peel off to better control how much of the rim you wet. And I loved the tip from Cole’s Brent Falco about premixing up a Bloody Mary mix and storing it in mini bottles to enjoy on a flight. That’s just brilliant.

The most of the last cocktails in the series, unlike the first five, were a bit more complex than merely stirring a three-ingredient cocktail. They were more involved, used more ingredients and some even had more ice. But don’t be a-feared, the posts came with handy step-by-step photo galleries. Happy drinking!

Another 5 of the Best Classic Cocktail Recipes From L.A.’s Best

The Perfect Bloody Mary by Cole’s Brent Falco

Cole's Brent Falco and her Perfect Bloody Mary cocktail recipe by Caroline on Crack

Cole’s Brent Falco and her Perfect Bloody Mary

The Perfect Mint Julep by The Eveleigh’s Dave Kupchinsky

The Eveleigh Dave Kupchinsky's Perfect Mint Julep cocktail recipe by Caroline on Crack

The Eveleigh’s Dave Kupchinsky and his Perfect Mint Julep

The Perfect Negroni by Roger Room’s Damian Windsor

Roger Room's Damian Windsor and his Perfect Negroni cocktail recipe by Caroline on Crack

Roger Room’s Damian Windsor and his Perfect Negroni

The Perfect Sidecar by Hemingway Lounge’s Alex Straus

The Perfect Sidecar cocktail recipe by Hemingway Lounge's Alex Straus by Caroline on Crack

Hemingway Lounge’s Alex Straus and his Perfect Sidecar

The Perfect Sazerac by Gumbo Pages’ Chuck Taggart

Perfect Sazerac cocktail recipe by Chuck Taggart by Caroline on Crack

Chuck Taggart and his Perfect Sazerac