Behind the Bartender: LA Magazine Digest’s LA Bartender Q&As

— by Caroline on Crack

LA bartender Zahra Bates by Caroline on Crack

What’s behind Zahra Bates’ mischievous grin?

Ever wanted to know more about your favorite LA bartender, beyond the fact that they make a damn fine cocktail? Follow along on my bartender Q&A series on Los Angeles Magazine’s Digest blog, “Behind the Bartender.” It’s not your usual Q&A (those bore me!). Rather it’s just quick questions like “What’s your hidden talent?” and “Where do you like to drink in L.A.?” with fairly quick answers. And according to the recent Q&As, “astronaut ice cream” is the next big thing in cocktails, East Hollywood’s Pa-Ord’s “shit’s legit,” and the best cure for a hangover is a big, frosty milkshake first thing in the morning.

So far I’ve accumulated a diverse selection of specimens for your perusal.

Are there any LA bartenders that you’d like to see spotlighted? Any bartenders you think deserves props? List ’em in the comments! NO PR pitches, please!