Mixtape Mixology: Your Playlist for LA Boozing

— by Caroline on Crack

Big Bar's Dan Long and Eugene Lee by Caroline on Crack

Mixmasters Dan Long and Eugene Lee make the soundtrack of your drink life during Mixtape Mixology at Big Bar.

Remember when “Bring Your Own iPod” nights were big in L.A. bars? Now it seems everyone’s resurrecting the good ol’ mixtape. Maaan, I used to make mixtapes for everything, road trips, breakups, my teen angst. Anyhoo, they’re back, well sorta. “Mixtape” is really just a new-old name for playlist but the idea of a theme is still the same except now it’s even better because it’s paired with booze! Suddenly I’m inspired to make one dedicated to my favorite L.A. bars.

Mixtape Mixology at Big Bar
It’s hard to believe that this weekly music-focused drink event by Big Bar dj/bartender Eugene Lee is on its 90th mixtape. (Click here for the archive of previous mixes.) Every Thursday since 2010 Eugene creates a themed mixtape that is played all night in the bar. The mixes’ themes can be inspired by anything, from current events (Carmaggedon) to something as random as girls’ names (wuuut? no “Sweet Caroline” on that list!). If you’re lucky, the mixes are sometimes paired with a special mini mixtape cocktail menu based around a spirit at happy hour pricing. That’s when it’s extra fun. Tomorrow’s mixtape will celebrate the holiday with #91: The Dia De Los Muertos mix. Eugene will be out of town but Mixtape’s other half Dan Long will be manning the fort. To get in today’s Halloween mood, here’s the Super Spooky Halloween Mix from last year.

Boom Switch Mixology at Sadie
Mixmaster Dave Fernie (of Pour Vous) who’s known for throwing down both killer cocktails and dj mixes (he absolutely killed it at Art Beyond the Glass this past summer) has taken up residence at Sadie every Wednesday from 9pm to midnight. He originally started off just playing playlists he created but now actually hits the turntables for this weekly event that he also guest bartends. You won’t be able to stop dancing. For tonight’s special Halloween edition specialty Pisco Porton cocktails are featured as well as bar bites like Demon Sriracha Sliders.

Thirsty Crow Mixtape Contest
Thirsty Crow has been conducting its first mixtape contest where it asked musically inclined patrons to create “obscure or popular, modern or classic, eclectic or decisively themed Mixes” on shareable platforms like Spotify and post it on its Facebook page. The playlist with the most likes wins its creator a free cocktail while listening to the inaugural play of his/her mix which will then be played throughout November.

OK, here’s my LA Bars mixtape, basically songs that I Soundtracked while boozing it up at some of my favorite drinking holes around town:

  1. Lost and Found – Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home, it ain’t a dive bar without this one on the jukebox
  2. Sadie – Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life, while Simon Ford was guest bartending
  3. Harvard & Stone – The Dynamics’ Seven Nation Army, drinks in the front bar
  4. Pour Vous – Massive Attack’s Angel, during an acrobatic burlesque performance
  5. Neat – Prince’s Cream, during last call
  6. Blue Palms Brewhouse – Radiohead’s Reckoner, mellow drink night
  7. The Eveleigh – Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, tasting a new menu
  8. Ray’s and Stark Bar – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ I Second That Emotion
  9. Mixology 101 – Black Keys’ Howlin’ for You, usually played at full volume
  10. The Spare Room at Hollywood Roosevelt – Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On
  11. Short Order – Beck’s Girl, day drinking