My New Drink Here LA Bar App Launches Tonight

— by Caroline on Crack

Know What Drink Here LA Bar App

My new stand-alone iPhone app, Drink Here: LA’s Best Craft Beer and Cocktail Bars, launches tonight at 12:01 a.m.! It’s now separate from the original Know What guide, which had you paying $2.99 on top of the $1.99 for my app. Now you can get me on your iPhone for just the $1.99!

So what’s this Drink Here LA bar app about? Basically, it’s a list of my favorite craft beer and cocktail bars around town. Surprisingly that’s only about 58 BUT growing. And the list will keep changing and be updated regularly to keep up with the fluid L.A. bar scene, and my fickleness. I’ve already replaced several bars with new favorites.

And I’ve always wanted to do this but, where possible, I’ve included links to the drink menus and tap lists of the respective bars for your consideration. More and more bars should really post their menus like restaurants, no? Now you can decide what you want to drink before you get there!

The app is GPS-enabled so you can also figure out HOW to get there. Yes, it uses that horrid Apple Maps though if you upgraded to iOS 6 (otherwise it’s Google Maps). But if you get lost, the bar’s Web site and phone number are also listed.

I hope you like the app and that it helps you plan your night out. By the way, if you get it, please remember to leave a review on the iTunes store site. I’d love to hear what you think.