What Changes to Expect in the New Spago: New Menu, Cocktail Program, Wine Cellar

— by Caroline on Crack

Spago 1.0 by Caroline on Crack

Spago 1.0 during a wine dinner back in June.

OK, normally I only write about interviews where I can actually reveal my sources. I ain’t Eater. But when someone I was talking to, a reliable source familiar with the whole situation at Spago and close to the Wolfgang Puck restaurants, gave me details of the new changes at the premier Beverly Hills dining destination, well, I just had to share.

Apparently everything‘s changed.

  • The restaurant will have an actual cocktail program by Executive Chef Lee Hefter that’s shared with all the other Wolfgang Puck restaurants, including the one at Hotel Bel-Air, Cut London and Cut Vegas. The opening list will start off with about 12 drinks but will expand to 30. Like all the other venues, it’ll be about presentation as it is about the final product. “All the products are hand-crafted. Most of this stuff actually comes out of the kitchen so it is constructed as any of the dishes that are on the floor.”

  • They built a wine cellar in the main dining room. “It’s obviously only going to be a portion of the wines but it’s along the entire stretch of the restaurant. Totally changes the feel of the room.”

  • The uniforms are different. “They look like Star Trek people.”

  • “Double doors going in. Patio’s still there. But they lost a lot of seating…there’s big plush booths.”

  • The food will be small plates. “The menu is completely changed. Completely different…a lot smaller plates. They’re still working on it. Even now, they’re still kinda tweaking some things…There’s some major stuff but certainly stuff you’ll be able to share. It’s one of those places where you go in and you gotta get two or three things…The dining experience will actually be a little bit longer, I think, with this change…. We’ll see how the response is from the regular clientele because obviously they have a very big following.”

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how Spago regulars respond to this transformation and the fact that there will no longer be a massive veal chop available.