Why Magic Mike 21+ Screening at the ArcLight Is Better Than a Male Strip Club

— by Caroline on Crack

If you are planning to see Channing Tatum’s new movie Magic Mike, a surprisingly great film  (78% on Rotten Tomatoes), I highly recommend the 21+ screening of it at the ArcLight.

Now I’m not a “WOOOOOOOOO!” girl, nor do I attend events or venues where that is the utterance of choice. Yet on Saturday night I found myself in a theater full of women who were doing exactly that. And it was an absolute blast! Channing Tatum was bumping and grinding and doing some acrobatic B-Boy dance moves while the audience, consisting of gaggles of girl friends, was going apeshit during the 21+ screening at the Arclight Hollywood. Woooo! indeed.

For the first time I didn’t mind a rowdy crowd so much and actually enjoyed watching men strip! Wuut? The one and only time I went to a male strip club was during a bachelorette party in 2002. And I left in the middle of the show, not understanding the appeal. That’s why Magic Mike at this booze-friendly screening is the way to go. It’s for the introverted who just want to see a fun movie and for those who just want to have a good time. Need more reasons why it’s better than going to an actual male strip club?

  1. No two-drink minimum! The bar’s spirit and beer selection at the theater does leave a lot to be desired, but I’m assuming the same can be said at strip clubs. No specialty cocktails, just straightforward mixed drinks for straight drinking. But at least there isn’t a two-drink minimum and they’re not too expensive. A plastic cup of Knob Creek on the rocks and a vodka with pineapple juice ran $18 total. Wish they at least offered fun themed cocktails for the movies. How about a Banana Hammock cocktail, huh?
  2. You’ll never run out of ones. Not only do you get to enjoy these blood-pumping, eye-popping dance numbers, of which there are thankfully many, on a huuuge screen but you don’t have to worry about running out of dollars for the performers.
  3. Cheaper than going to a male strip club. With the movie ticket ranging in price from $12.75 to $16 and drinks about $9 each, it’s cheaper than paying the entrance fee (which is about $15-$20) and two drinks at a club. Sure, you won’t get an actual lap dance but, I don’t know about you, I was OK with that.
  4. Seating guaranteed. Some strip clubs have two price tiers of general admission with no seating guaranteed and reserve seating. At the ArcLight not only do you get a seat, you get to pick where you sit!
  5. Straight men will have a good time, too. Yes, straight guys, you’re missing out if you are letting a little, OK a LOT of male flesh stand in the way of your enjoying a well-done movie and a theater full of riled-up ladies. If you’re still shy, let me remind you that the theater is dark and no one can see you actually enjoying the dance numbers. And should you go, might I suggest that you dress up as a fireman or doctor? Trust me on this.

21+ screenings at most ArcLight locations usually take place Thursday through Sunday, but are scheduled every evening at the Sherman Oaks ArcLight.