10 Best L.A. Drinking Moments of 2011

— by Caroline on Crack

2011 was a great year for drinking in L.A. with a slew of new insta-fave bars popping up, bartenders reconceptualizing bar programs and craft beer thankfully becoming even more accessible. I managed to narrow down my favorite drinking moments to the top 10. Here it is in descending order. Guess what No. 1 is?

  1. One-Stop Craft Brew Shopping in Echo Park

  2. Kid You Not, Joe’s Restaurant Chooses the North American Whiskey of the Year for Its Well

  3. Dream Date: Spare Room Auctions Off Dates With Bartenders and Their Bar Tabs

  4. The Eveleigh Makes Sunset Strip a Cocktail Destination

  5. L.A. Cocktail Ringmaster Finally Gets His Own Bar

  6. Harvard & Stone Blows Minds in Its Back Bar

  7. Oldfield’s Angers Saints & Sinners Fans but Cocktail Geeks Rejoice

  8. Beer Chicks Overhaul the 213 Bars’ Taps

  9. Getting Schooled by Library Bar’s Matthew Biancaniello

And No. 1 is…

Aidan's Wild Ride by Caroline on Crack

Aidan's Wild Ride

  1. Blogger Barhop: 8 Bloggers, 5 bars and a Trolley of Death