The Gifts That Keep on Giving: Los Angeles Wine, Beer, Cupcake and Coffee Clubs

— by Caroline on Crack

Xmas gifts by Caroline on Crack

What to get your favorite foodie?

Still don’t know what to get that special foodist in your life? How about the gift that keeps on giving, like entree into one of the best beer clubs ever or a delicious cupcake a month, all delivered to their door?

Wine Clubs

Colorado Wine Company’s Wine Club — $50 – $80/month
This is the perfect gift for someone who is geographically challenged and is therefore missing out on this fab Eagle Rock wine store. Here, they have three types of memberships. The Yummiest Trio is two outstanding reds and a mind-blowing white. Me and CoWineCo – Best Friends Forever is CoWineCo’s favorite picks of red, white, bubbly and dessert. While the Seeing Red Club is their favorite reds.

Domaine LA’s Gastronomist Wine Club — $50/month
For $50 you get one to three bottles totaling the $50. And if you want to buy additional bottles you get 10% off as well as 2-for-1 bonus coupons for in-store tastings (one for every three months of the club you sign up for). The Gastronomist wine club wines are ones that you’ll find on the best restaurant lists in L.A. as well as Europe and the States. Occasionally there will be a recipe by a local chef for the ideal pairing.

Silverlake Wine’s Wine Club — $25 – $75/month
If your giftee is a fan of this Silver Lake wine shop’s Sunday tastings then this is the perfect gift for them. The wine clubs here ar available in three price tiers to suit any budget. For $25 to $75 a month (plus shipping), you get two hand-picked bottles. And you have the option to upgrade the selection where they have a higher-grade one bottle instead of the two.

Other Beverages

The Bruery Beer by Caroline on Crack

This gift will make any beer lover giddy.

The Bruery Reserve Society — $295
I can’t believe that there are still slots available for this club considering memberships usually sell out every year. Fortunately, the Bruery opened up some spots so you still have a chance to sign up, or get one for your friend, you generous so and so! This gift will make any beer geek weep tears of joy openly. It’s not a beer-of-the-month club but for $295 you get about 9 bottles of special edition Bruery beers including Chocolate Rain and Black Tuesday as well as special growler fills and access to that Reserve Society Initiation Celebration, among many other goodies.

Intelligentsia at Home — Depends
One of the best gifts for any coffee lover, the gift of not having to stand in a long, slow-moving line for a great cup of coffee. With this home subscription, your giftee will get a fresh bag of beans dropped off at their doorstep. You can customize the order to suit your wallet. Choose type of coffee, amount (12 ounces to 5 pounds!), grind and quantity. And when you order at least two 12-ounce bags you’ll get half off shipping.

Sunset Beer Company’s Beer Club — $30 to $60/month
The Echo Park beer store just kicked off this club today (12/22)! Take your pick of the $30/month or $60/month membership. The higher level gets twice the beer and one free pour at the bar each month. Beer club members will also get first dibs on special releases!


Magnolia cupcakes by Caroline on Crack

Imagine having these dropped off at your door once a month.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills’ Cheese Club— $120+
One of the best cheese shops in town has a cheese club where you can get gourmet cheeses delivered once a month for three, six or 12 months! And none of the cheeses will repeat in the entire cycle.

Magnolia Bakery Cupcake Club— $220 (3 months to $880 (12 months)
For the ultimate cupcake fiend — yes, they still exist (raises hand). The membership includes a tin, tote, Magnolia cookbook and a $25 gift card. And we can’t forget the cupcake a month which includes favorites like the Hummingbird, caramel and truffle chocolate.

Mel & Rose Chocolate of the Month Club — $250 (6 months)
Give the gift of gourmet chocolate every month. This West Hollywood specialty food store’s chocolate selection spans from the Amedei Porcelana to Vosges Dark Bacon Bar. In other words, it’s allll good.