Giveaway: Degenerates’ Halloween Ball at Neat With Open Premium Bar, Live Music, Bar Stars, Costume Attack

— by Caroline on Crack

Shelley and Aidan by Caroline on Crack

Believe me, Aidan Demarest knows how to throw a party.

Still don’t have plans for Halloween weekend, you procrastinator you? Yeah, I’m the same way. Well how about partying down en costume with L.A.’s hottest bar stars at Aidan Demarest’s new Glendale bar, Neat, this Sunday, All Hallow’s Eve eve? For this Degenerates Ball we’re talking OPEN premium bar (hosted by Cointreau!), nosh by Currywurst, a DJ, live French band and a costume contest! Best part is that you meet up at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery first and board a bus to the bar. Hold me!

The bad news for Joe Average is that this shindig isn’t open to the public and only those on the guest list can board the bus.

So why am I even telling you about it? Because I have TWO pairs of passes to give away! You win it and this awesome spirited spooky night is yours for the drinking.


To win you must do the following:

  1. Have a Facebook account.
  2. Post on my CoC FB page what your Halloween costume is (you must have one to attend or else the attendees will dress you on the bus) and tag Neat and my page. (That’s how I know you liked our pages.) If you still don’t know what you’re going to dress as you can tell me about what was your best costume ever.
  3. Sit back and wait to get a message from me on Friday morning around 10am telling you that you won. I’ll drop all the entries into and pick a winner. Check your Facebook email, my pretties! If I don’t hear back from you by 11am I’ll have to draw another winner and then you’ll be sad.

But if you don’t win this giveaway, not to fret! Aidan’s throwing a Halloween party on Saturday. It’s $10 at the door and you get a cocktail or beer, dj and dance floor and entry into the costume contest.

1114 N Pacific Avenue
Glendale, California 91202 (map)_