The Misfit in Santa Monica: Eat Your Vegetables + Giveaway

— by Caroline on Crack

Chef Bruce Kalman by Caroline on Crack

Veg pusher: The Misfit chef Bruce Kalman

When I got back from my two-week European cheesefest, I made a vow of (mostly) vegetarianism (with some fish flexibility) in the hopes of losing some of the weight I had gained. Fortunately in LA it’s not too hard to keep that vow but I’m still very appreciative when there’s a restaurant that offers tasty and abundant veg options. LGO’s The Misfit in Santa Monica, which opened in April of this year, is one such place with its constantly rotating selection of farmers’ market fresh small plates created by Chef Bruce Kalman, formerly of LGO’s Chelsea Kitchen in Arizona. The menu basically changes every other day.

Veg dishes by Caroline on Crack

Can't even see the table.

Chef Bruce shops for his ingredients at the farmers’ market in SaMo on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. And at the envy of most other chefs who browse the booths and have to load up their groceries into their cars, he need only show up with his cart and shuffle it back to his restaurant.

The Dinner

Recently I was invited to check out the vegetarian menu during a hosted dinner. The restaurant had gotten wind of my veg pledge and wanted to show off its vegetarian/vegan offerings. Now it should be noted that even though this particular dinner was taken care of, I’ve been a fan of the Misfit. In fact, it’s become my boyfriend’s and my favorite dinner spot off Third Street Promenade. But I had never explored their veg dishes (with a touch of pescatarian).

So after enjoying the happy hour (every day 12-7pm) of $5 well, beer, wine the chef proceeded to cover our table with nine dishes — all meat-free, save for one fish dish. If this were regular restaurant food, most of this stuff would have been doggybagged. But since it was all small plates of predominantly vegetable dishes — including kale salad, Misfit Dip Plate, street cart corn, cherry tomato herb salad, broccolini, mac and cheese, crudo hamachi with blood orange — we were able to polish everything off save for Rosa’s baked goat cheese and mac and cheese dishes. And afterward we didn’t feel gross, and still had room for the salted chocolate chip cookies that came with our “check”! By the way, LOVE getting the check here, for that very reason.

Tomato herb salad by Caroline on Crack

Tomato herb salad.

The Dishes

The veg dishes range in price from the $3 spicy caramel nut corn to the $11 brussels sprout salad. A majority of them are small plates that are meant to be shared, something my bf HATES (“There’s never enough food for what you buy and afterward you’re still hungry”). But here we found that we’re usually sated when we split three veg dishes. My favorites? The mac and cheese, the kale salad and the chickpea wrap.

Vegans and celiacs will be happy to know that the kitchen can accommodate requests to create any dish to suit your dietary restrictions.

What’s To Drink?

The Misfit also has a full bar and a specialty cocktail list of classic cocktails. The Clocktower Manhattan is basically a Manhattan but instead of Vermouth, they use the brandy that the cherries are soaked in and apparently no bitters. It’s all right but when I come here I usually go for one of the craft beers on their list, which is excellent by the way with brews like St. Bernardus Abt 12, Allagash Curieux and Alesmith Nautical Brown Ale. And don’t know if this is any good but there’s even gluten-free beer.

The Verdict

In any case, I really appreciate the Misfit at the Promenade. Nice to get some fresh, fairly affordable and fun food.

By the way, The Misfit just began a brunch service which features dishes like San Daniele Prosciutto & Eggs, Famous French Pancakes, Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros as well as bottomless mimosas for $12 til 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


GIVEAWAY**:** So to promote the brunch they’ve given me **TWO “Drunken Brunch for Two” dealios (worth $75 each) to give away**! And all you have to do for a chance to win and get your morning drank on is the following (you must do both steps to qualify):

  1. Leave a comment below saying what is your favorite brunch cocktail and include your Twitter handle. (There is no right answer; I just like to hear how you greet the morning.)
  2. Tweet: “I wanna get drunk @themisfitsamo’s brunch, @carolineoncrack!”

I’ll randomly pick a winner via on Tuesday at 10am and notify the winner via email. If I don’t hear from you by 2pm that Tuesday, I’ll draw another winner so check your email, people!

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(310) 656-9800
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