Hemingway's Lounge: New Spring Cocktail Menu Debuts

— by Caroline on Crack

Hemingway's Lounge by Caroline on Crack

Hemingway's Lounge

Heads up, in celebration of beautiful springtime in SoCal Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood will debut its new seasonal cocktail menu courtesy of barsmith, Alex Straus, on April 12. Nothing says springtime like cherries and Chardonnay. “Basically, when I think of spring I think fresh, vegetable smells and refreshing drinks,” says Alex. And let’s face it, Scotch and mescal are good year-round. But I’m really feeling that Peruvian Sangria. Sounds light and refreshing.  Mmm!

  • The Hunting Party: Benromach Traditional Highland Scotch, Hum hibiscus liqueur, Luxardo, stirred and served up with a twist. Alex said he imagines drinking this one in the early afternoon in the countryside. “It has that Scotch complexity but also a sweet ginger there, too.”
  • Peruvian Sangria: Chardonnay, Gran Sierpe Pisco, St. Germain, red grapes, lemon. This cocktail is “a light, easy drink with some strength from the pisco. I always use brandy in my sangria and playing with the pisco gives it a rich, South American feel.”
  • Smoke & Spice: Mezcal Vida, Chartreuse, bell pepper, jalapeno, lemon, agave; shaken and strained over fresh ice and garnished with a bell pepper. “The Smoke & Spice was the vegetable. The Chartreuse emphasizes that in the cocktail,” said Alex.
  • Spring Rain: Rock Sake Negori, Akvinta Vodka, pineapple juice, lime juice, shaken and served up with a mint sprig. “The Spring Rain is just flat out a really refreshing drink,” he said. “I love playing with other alcohols, Nigori Sake is awesome and I wanted to strengthen it with something so I used the organic vodka as a fortifier.”

Hemingway?s Lounge
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