2011 Oscars Drinking Game Rules

— by Caroline on Crack

Not everyone is into watching the Oscars so a sure way to make it fun for EVERYone at your awards show viewing party is naturally to turn it into a drinking game. Inspired by Brand X and Rundown LA‘s Oscars Drinking Games, I came up with more rules. Thanks to my Tweeps for the suggestions. I’ll continue to update this list as more rules come in. Leave your rules in the comments or, if you tweet, use #OscarsDrinkingGame to be added.

Take a shot?

  • whenever James Franco and Anne Hathaway high-five

  • whenever someone mentions something political in their acceptance speech (see above video for a doozy of a political statement)

  • for every fifth person in the dead person montage whom you don’t recognize. Pray it’s not all publicists, execs and actors from the ’50s

  • whenever someone in your party says “I didn’t know they died” during the dead person montage

  • whenever an award winner tries to return to their seat but gets redirected by the trophy girl

  • someone’s acceptance speech runs long and the orchestra starts playing

  • whenever someone cries while accepting the award

  • whenever Anne Hathaway dimples — NateNotSoGr8

  • whenever someone says “like” during their acceptance speech — stephenbarros

  • whenever someone’s partner is thanked — smrtmnky

  • whenever someone says “I really didn’t expect this!” then pulls out their prepared speech — JanineSmith

  • whenever an acceptance speech is given in another language (whole or part) — smrtmnky

  • whenever winner says hi to kid(s) “watching @ home.” One more if they say “go to bed, it’s late” — ThirstyinLA

  • whenever someone thanks God — krisdub

Pass the bottle…

  • if both of the In Memoriam clips for Leslie Nielsen & Peter Graves are from Airplane! — ThirstyinLA

  • if someone makes a joke referring to Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson

  • if James Franco live tweets from the stage — ThirstyinLA

  • when some old guy does some one handed push-ups — Dhppy

  • if they show Eli Wallach as Mr. Freeze in his Lifetime Achievement montage — ThirstyinLA

  • if the audience holds the applause until the end of the “In Memoriam” montage — ThirstyinLA

  • if Exit Through the Gift Shop wins and Banksy is there to accept — ThirstyinLA

  • if Banksy tags the stage — ThirstyinLA

  • if Social Network wins for Best Picture. Facebook FTW!