Thirsty for Turkey: Thanksgiving Cocktails in LA

— by Caroline on Crack

Thanksgiving is definitely the foodster’s holiday. It’s the time when we can gorge without judgment. But everyone and their favorite blogger can tell you where to score a delicious turkey dinner. What I really wanted to know was where in L.A. can you get a delicious Thanksgiving-inspired cocktail. I mean, come on, T Day is basically a celebration of fall flavors — pumpkin, cranberry, apple, turkey, etc. — and how tasty would those be in drinks? Yes, even the turkey, OK, Wild Turkey.

Here’s my roundup of Thanksgiving cocktails on LA Weekly’s Squid Ink blog, including a couple of drink recipes from Aidan Demarest (who’s opening up 1886 at the Raymond tomorrow) and Matt Biancaniello of Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar. My gal pals Alie and Georgia (video above) have also created a dessert shot called Shoot a Wild Turkey which naturally involves Wild Turkey and sweet potatoes.

What do you usually like to drink for Thanksgiving?