Win Exclusive Invite to Table 20's Cocktail Punch Party With Best LA Bartenders

— by Caroline on Crack

Matt's Three Faces of Van Gogh by Caroline on Crack

Who's the best bartender in all of LA?


So I have the skinny on a must-do event for cocktail enthusiasts. It takes place next Monday at Takami Sushi downtown and will feature six of L.A.’s best bartenders and their never-tasted-before cocktail punch recipes. Guests will be able to try all the concoctions (each serving is 4-5 ounces) for free and mingle with fellow boozers.

The bad news is that it’s invite-only and oh-so exclusive with about 100 guests. But the awesome news is that I get to pick five of my lucky crackheads to go!

This party is the grand finale for the Table 20 Best Bartender in LA contest. For weeks before, you were given the chance to nominate your favorite drink slingers in all of Los Angeles. And then my fellow judges and I had to visit the top six contestants and vote for a winner. Well, the party is where it’s all going to go down. The contestants — Matt Biancaniello (People’s Choice winner) of Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar, Joseph Brooke of The Edison, Max Diaz of Cicada Club, Devon Espinosa of The Tasting Kitchen, Dee Ann Quinones of Susan Feniger’s Street and Alex Straus of Hemingway’s Lounge — will be there. Only one of them will be announced as the Best Bartender in LA. BTW, your guess is as good as mine as to who will walk away with the title. And you won’t want to miss it. The tears, the cry of defeat, the roar of victory, the free cocktails!

To even get a chance at an invite, you must already “Like” my Facebook page* (that’s how I know you’re serious about me) and then do the following 1-2 punch:

  1. Post on your own Facebook page: “I want to win an invite from @Caroline on Crack’s Crackheads to next Monday’s exclusive Table 20 cocktail punch party!” The “@” is to make sure it links back to my page.
  2. Leave a comment on my FB page telling me you did the above so I’ll know. And I’ll check!

I’ll close this contest Saturday, October 2 at 9am, tally up the entries, pick five winners and check their Facebook pages to make sure they posted on them. The five winners will then be notified via Facebook.

Good luck!

* Got this idea from my fellow judge at Vixen’s LA Happy Hours. She’s all smart and stuff.