Studio DNA: On How To Be Lovely for Blogger Prom

— by Caroline on Crack

Happy Go Marni and ShopEatSleep by Caroline on Crack

Happy Go Marni and ShopEatSleep with freshly glammed-up dos at Studio DNA.

For the theme of this year’s Blogger Prom 2010, we, in the Blogger Prom Committee (BPC), decided to go with the oh-so glamorous Hollywood Confidential — chic fashions from the Old Hollywood era. Very fitting considering our venue was the historic Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood. (More on this awesome event later.) In any case, I already had the dress for it: a black chiffon, lace, vintage-y little number. That part was easy. But what to do for hair and makeup, my Achilles’ heel of party prep? Pin curls? Finger waves? Wuuut?

Studio DNA's Danny LeClair by Caroline on Crack

Studio DNA's Danny LeClair bringing me a Mimosa. Aw.

For this I turned to Danny LeClair and his fabulous hair and makeup team at Studio DNA salon on Beverly Boulevard. Studio DNA in Santa Monica is my regular hair salon and needless to say I love their work. Shout-out to my hairstylist, Monica. Danny and his salon had very generously agreed to actually do the hair and makeup of all the ladies in the BPC, an offer that we all eagerly accepted.

The girls and I showed up at the salon four hours before the event to ensure there was plenty of time to get dolled up and back at Yamashiro for event prep. Danny greeted us with Mimosas and red wine to calm our nerves. So nice!

Since I was the lead on this appointment, he fixed me up with stylist Meredith (@lahairbymere), the lead on the BPC’s event styling. I felt like I lucked out. She was the stylist who wrote the tips on the “Getting the Hollywood Confidential Look” post on the Blogger Prom blog so I knew I was in good hands.

She didn’t have a fixed plan for my long hair but decided to create a faux bob to show off the nearly off-the-shoulder neckline of my dress. This sounded ideal to me as I had suspected that most of our female attendees would be sporting the sultry Veronica Lake style.

Me in curls by Caroline on Crack

Me in curls

Instead, my hairstyle was a complicated structure of circles and waves, held together by hairspray and about 40 bobby pins. Suffice it to say, my ‘do didn’t budge all night. Perfect for running around the event making sure everything was going smoothly.

My period makeup was done by the adorable Stephanie (@okaysteph). Since it was all about the lips back in the day, she went with a dramatic red lipstick called Chianti and lip pencil (Blood), and just applied false lashes, redid my eyebrows and added some gray eye shadow. Very minimal and clean. For my foundation, she custom-blended the perfect match to my skin color. So good that I just bought a bottle of it ($40 for a blend of four shades). I didn’t know that they custom blended foundation here AND it’s cheaper than what I normally spend on Laura Mercier foundation ($42)!

Having Danny and the crew at Studio DNA prettify us before the big event was a load off our minds and a nice treat before what was sure to be a very important and hectic night for us. Doing hair and makeup is usually the most stressful and time consuming part for lots of girls, especially when you want to look absolutely gorgeous on your big night whether it be a blowout party you’re hosting, your wedding or an Oscar party. Thank goodness we didn’t have to worry about that stuff as we had enough on our minds!

Big thanks to everyone at the Studio DNA salon on Beverly and especially Danny. The BPC couldn’t have emulated Hollywood glamor without you.

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Prices: Event hair styling ranges from $65 to $125; event makeup is $65 to $85.

Studio DNA
7218 Beverly Boulevard
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