Rockin' Lobster: Port of Los Angeles Lobster Fest and Music Weekend

— by Caroline on Crack

Lotsa lobster.


I don’t think there’s a lobster fest that’s cooler than our Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival in San Pedro. I mean, in addition to fresh steamed Maine lobsters, this event boasts 18 live bands. Yes, it’s also a music festival. Weird and neat! What a great way to end the summer. From Friday, September 17 through September 19, lobster fest attendees will get to enjoy bands like Dengue Fever, The Section Quartet and See How We Are with John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X.

So you can rock out with your $18 Maine lobster meal. There’s something for everyone here. And even if lobsters aren’t your thing, meaning you’re a vegetarian who’s dragged to the event, you can just dine at the salad bar at Ports o’ Calls restaurant near the fest, take your receipt to the front desk and then you get a free admission ticket. Also, food truck lovers will be pleased to know that “The Great Food Truck Race” contestants, Ragin’ Cajun and Nom Nom Truck, will be on hand to offer a nice supplement to crustacean.

General admission is $9 and doesn’t include the $18 lobster meal. But the VIP ticket ($39), aka First Class admission, includes a weekend admission, a Maine lobster meal, front-of-the-line privileges for the lobster meal line and the bar, a beverage of your choice and your own dining area. It’s only a $12 difference for all that extra good stuff.

If even that’s too much for you, lucky for you that I’m giving away a couple of pairs right now.

OK, so who wants a free pair of First Class tickets (regular $78) to Port of Los Angeles’ Lobster Festival next weekend?

A****ll you have to do is the following:

  1. Leave a comment below (one entry per person) with your email address and your Twitter handle as well as your favorite lobster dish. Lobster risotto? Lobster Thermidor? Lobster Bisque?
  2. Tweet this: ?I want lobster, @carolineoncrack! Gimme tix to @polalobsterfest!
  3. And lastly become a fan of (aka ?Like?) my Facebook page.

**You have to do all of the above for your contest submission to be valid.**

Contest ends this Friday the 10th at 10am PST. I?ll then plug the entries into the Randomizer, pick two winners and notify them later that day. If I don?t hear back from the winners by 52pm I?ll pick more names, so make sure to keep an eye on your inboxes! The winners will then be announced at 4pm.


Ports O’ Call Village in San Pedro, California (map)
Facebook:Port of Los Angeles Lobster Fest
Twitter: @polalobsterfest