Highlights From the Eat My Blog Summer 2010 Bake Sale

— by Caroline on Crack

Diana Takes a Bite shows off Ludo's Napoleon by Caroline on Crack

Diana Takes a Bite shows off Ludo's Napoleon.

Last December, the inaugural Eat My Blog bake sale raised over $3,000 for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Pretty nice for a first time effort. But this past Saturday’s event went further by exceeding Eat My Blog founder Cathy Danh’s goal of over $5K; $5,427 to be exact. Congrats to Cathy and the Eat My Blog crew!

I was fortunate enough to participate, not by baking something (left that to those with nommy knowhow), but by volunteering and working a shift. And what fun it was! I got to meet bloggers and tweeps I’ve only known via their screen names and some of my crackheads as well as hang out with old friends.

Apart from the amazing sales number and the delicious treats, here are other highlights of the sale for me:

The event was so well-organized and ran so smoothly. We had ample help so there were no crazy lines and I was able to get out and mingle. I definitely want to participate in the next one. Maybe I’ll even try to bake something myself!

For a slideshow of the event check out Cathy’s Flickr featuring Steven Lam’s beautiful photos.