Blog Bite: Perfect Pairing of Hatfield's Manhattan and Pork Belly Skewers

— by Caroline on Crack

Hatfield's Pork Skewers by Caroline on Crack

Pork Skewers

Hatfield's Manhattan by Caroline on Crack

Hatfield's Manhattan

So sinful but I LOVE this pairing and don’t care if it involves glaze and fat. John of Social Domain, a fellow appreciator of fine Manhattans, turned me onto it. He first enticed me to Hatfield’s by saying that they make one of the best Manhattans in L.A. and that I hadn’t officially started my fall off the wagon until I drank one there. They nickname it “The Real McCoy” and make it with Pikesville Rye, Sweet Vermouth and Peychaud’s bitters ($9).

John and I met at the bar for a little pre-Neve Ice party cocktailing. Since it was right after work and I was hungry, John suggested we get a plate of the pork belly skewers ($6) which comes with roasted pearl onions and a maple-vinegar glaze. It’s only a plate of two skewers with four chunks of pork belly so we ended up ordering a second plate. And oh, my lawd, the delectable pork complements the warmth of the rye nicely. **Take a bite of meat, chew a bit and wash it down with a sip of booze. Le sigh!
It’s so decadent and you really feel like you’re pampering yourself while enjoying this little pairing at a beautiful marble bar. The perfect way to pick yourself up from a long, hard day.

6703 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038 (map)
(323) 935-2977