Dear Caroline on Crack: Where To Get the Last Word Cocktail?

— by Caroline on Crack

Last Word by ReeseCLloyd

Last Word by ReeseCLloyd


So. I recently decided to ease away from the wine (headaches & hangovers)and move to cocktails (usually no hangovers). I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and am excited to go back through old posts and find some new suggestions (especially bourbon and gin drinks).

Anyway, I was in New Orleans last week and spent a lot of time talking to different bartenders and a couple of them were schooling me on classics and one in particular called The Last Word. It was strong and amazing.

Apparently it’s a prohibition-era drink that’s making a comeback and I was wondering if you’ve had one anywhere in LA? (apologies in advance if you’ve written about it before, I have a terrible memory and an inability to “search” apparently.)

Classic Girl

Caroline on CrackDear Classic Girl,

First of all, congrats on having such great taste. On the cocktail, not reading my blog, heh. Actually you can probably order the Last Word at cocktail-savvy places like Rivera, Copa d’Oro, The Varnish, Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar and Roger Room, even though it’s not on their menus. I know Comme Ca recently featured it on their Presidents’ Day specialty cocktail menu (it was renamed “Frost/Nixon”) so they would know how to make it as well.