Blog Bite: Virgin Taverine at the Tavern

— by Caroline on Crack

The Tavern's Taverine mocktail

Bored and alone, I found myself having dinner at the bar in the Tavern in Brentwood. No biggie if I were able to drink cocktails but since I’m liquor free for Lent-ish this made keeping my own company a boring prospect.

Fortunately the Tavern has a nice cocktail menu comprised of fresh juices. Unfortunately, they don’t have ginger beer. I’d have to get creative.

Looking over their drink menu I tried to figure out which cocktail could easily be a born-again virgin.

The Taverine made with vodka, Grand Marnier, grapefruit juice and tangerine vanilla syrup seemed like a good candidate. I could just sub orange juice for the booze, right?

The resulting mocktail poured over ice in a tall glass simply tasted like tangerine juice with the grapefruit’s subtle tartness. It was ok. Makes me wonder if the booze version tastes like a tarty Screwdriver.

Anyway it was a nice change from the usual ginger beer.

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