Blog Bite: Border Grill Truck's Churro Tots

— by Caroline on Crack

Border Grill's churro tots

First Nutella poundcake and then salted caramel bars and now churro tots! All nommy brilliance, I tell you! I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica where the Border Grill Truck parks ever Friday at lunchtime.

I was just gonna get a couple of tacos to bring back to my desk but then the churro tot sign complete with food pornographic photo caught my eye. “Dulce de leche infused churros, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream.” Oh dear lord. Must. Have.

Funny enough, @HotPinkManolos — blogger, foodie and on-site manager for the truck — was on hand and comped my tots order. So nice! I would have blogged about this anyway because my peeps need to know about this cinnamony, fried bite of heaven.

I swear, I almost cried. And you know what that means: I was sooo happy.

Now these tots doesn’t really have the breadiness of a churro; more of a creamy center. But they do have that familiar fried crisp exterior and all that cinnamon.

I offered some to my boyfriend, thinking he wouldn’t want it, especially the tots covered in melted whipped cream. But after the first bite he was eager to take another and even dipped it in the whipped cream. Now, if he likes it — he’s a picky eater and not the sweet tooth that I am — then you now it’s some good stuff.

Such a nice treat for a Friday. And $3.50 for the six tots. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can carry these around in my pocket, though.

For an even better, food pornographic photo of the tots, check out LAist’s post.

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