St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Roundup: No Green Beer

— by Caroline on Crack

Token Irishman

Drago Centro's Token Irishman cocktail.

Since I don’t celebrate alcoholidays and will most likely be hiding out at home during St. Patrick’s Day next Wednesday, I thought it would be interesting to find out if some of my fave L.A. mixologists/bars were planning any special cocktails to celebrate the Irish holiday. I emailed Damian, Joe, Steve, Pablo, Marcos and Vincenzo. And then? Crickets.

I had to email them again and even then only Steve and Vincenzo responded to say that they had nothing for me. Oh well. At least I could count on my PR friends to send me info on what L.A. restaurants are doing for the holiday in terms of green beer alternatives. Check out my LA Weekly Squid Ink post here. It also includes a couple of recipes if you opt for celebrating at home.