Blog Bite: $4 Buffalo Trace, $5 Sazerac Rye at Bigfoot Lodge West

— by Caroline on Crack


Manhattan at Bigfoot Lodge West

Stopped by the Bigfoot Lodge West for my friend Shelley’s celebratory cocktail hour. We’re celebrating her getting into UCLA med school. She had confused this Bigfoot with the Atwater one which has a happy hour. This one doesn’t but fortunately on Monday nights it IS whiskey lover night. Meaning we have our choice of a $4 Buffalo Trace Bourbon, $5 Sazerac Rye or $6 cocktail made with either of those. Awesomeness!

My roommate Kristina ordered a ginger and Buffalo and found out that it was mostly the latter with only the teeniest hint of the former. Yes, our bartender Esther is awesome. My Buffalo Manhattan was equally potent.

And the best part? You can order food to be delivered here. Just ask for the big binder of menus. I ordered some green curry with mixed veggies from Thai Boom down the street to fortify my stomach for the mean Manhattan.

Apparently this awesome deal is every Monday night and there is also a whiskey tasting later at 10pm.