Foodies, Start Your Eating: Dine LA's Restaurant Week Winter 2010

— by Caroline on Crack

Spicy fried chicken

Spicy Fried Chicken at Cube

It’s that time again when cheapskate foodies rejoice: Huzzah! Dine LA’s Restaurant Week when you get a chance to try out your favorite restaurant or one that you’ve always been curious about a la prix fixe. That way you can get a taste of all courses from apps to dessert at a reasonable price.

Always a resounding success, this winter 2010’s lineup boasts 234 SoCal-area restaurants to choose from. First-time participants include Il Grano, Eva, Cecconi’s, Joe’s Restaurant, Jar and Ortolan.

Each lunch and dinner is categorized in different price tiers: deluxe dining lunch $16 and dinner $26; premier dining lunch $22 and dinner $34; and fine dining lunch $28 and dinner $44.

I took a look at the extensive restaurant list and was a bit overwhelmed at first, but then was able to narrow it down to a manageable few. I ain’t Ms. Money Bags! I’ll be lucky if I can fit in one or two. Anyway, also included are my picks for courses that sound yum along with their regular prices if available.

  • Ortolan (dinner $44): Seared scallop with pumpkin gnocchi; Poached Salmon with White Butter, Baby Potato and Bacon; Vanilla Honey Panna Cotta with Tangerine Caviar ($12)
  • Cube (dinner $44): Maple braised bacon ($10); Meyer lemon & herb-roasted half chicken ($24); Valrhona Chocolate & Butterscotch Pot de Creme Duo ($8)
  • Drago Centro (dinner $44): garganelli, bacon, cardoon, chile flake; black cod, gnocchi, salsify, lemon beurre blanc; chocolate custard, citrus fruits, vanilla cream ($9)
  • Eva (dinner $34): hamachi, winter fruit; fried chicken, creamed spinach, crushed potato (about $20); chocolate decadence ($8)

Restaurant week is from January 24 to 29 and January 31 to February 5 so start calling up and making reservations now. Or book online via the Dine LA site on your chosen restaurant’s page.

BTW, if you have an American Express card and dine out three or more times during restaurant week, you’ll get a $20 credit on your statement.