Mazda Gave Me a Flip Video Cam

— by Caroline on Crack


McDreamy and Mazda 2

OK, there it is. Full disclosure. Marketing agency Rebel Industries reached out to me on Mazda’s behalf to help cover the reveal of the 2011 Mazda 2 at the 2009 L.A. Auto Show this week. It was pretty cool in that not only was our group of 22 bloggers, car enthusiasts and Mazda car owners there during press days when we’d have free and easy access to the cars, but they also equipped us with our very own Flip Video Cams (HD 4GB 60-minute one) to document the grand reveal. Oh and, yes, we got to meet Patrick Dempsey, too. He’s OK.

In any case, I blogged about the whole she-bang for my day job here. Normally, I would have saved this gig for my job, but honestly, I wanted that video camera dammit! Plus, I like Mazdas anyway so it wasn’t much of a leap.