“In Bed Together” Opening at Royal/T

— by twistqueen

Flickr shot by fauxLAhipster

By fauxLAhipster

Since Caroline had to go out of town for her bf’s Lemons race, she asked me to cover this apparently uber-strict-guestlisty opening (only the opening was guestlisty; the exhibit is open to the public right now) of “In Bed Together” right off the heels of Royal/T’s insanely popular Hello Kitty Three Apples exhibit.

I was excited for this event for many reasons.

  1. I would finally get to taste Chef Ludo‘s “mouth orgasm” inducing treats
  2. It was technically an art opening and I’m always a big fan of anything arty
  3. It boasted the holy trifecta of parties: free booze, food and goodie bags

I am not a difficult sell. Although I arrived just a few minutes after the 7pm start time, there was a rather slow-moving line with velvet ropes and the requisite clipboard girl. A friend noted, “I feel like I’m at a Hollywood club except that everyone is old.”

Flickr shot by fauxLAhipster

Once inside, it was already packed with roving people. I was amazed at how all traces of Hello Kitty that had filled this place from floor to ceiling just a few days ago were gone and replaced with pieces representing the “In Bed Together” theme. But the thing was, I wasn’t really getting this “In Bed Together” theme.

Sure, there was the little side room with a big bed and the screen projecting a variety of animated dildos which I found quite cute and engaging. And Polite in Public’s photobooth even had scantily clad models to serve as photobooth props. But the whole “sensual,” “erotic,” “somnambulist” or whatever theme they were going for was not resonating for me. Here’s a blurb from their press release:

By bringing together all these key characters in the arts community, In Bed Together will highlight each specific role within the art world that is critically dependent on and supportive of each other.

Huh? I spoke with several bloggers on this evening who were just as confused as I was. If you’re able to figure this whole exhibit thing out, please do let me know.

As for the food, since I knew I’d get to try Chef Ludo‘s creations, I made sure to come nice and hungry. He and his sous chef were busy working in their fiberglass box so that attendees could observe them dishing up buckwheat crepes with goat cheese and bacon marmalade (not sure if that’s what they called it, but that’s what it tasted like to me). The tang of the goat cheese cut through the full-bodied smokiness of the bacon and all wrapped up in a fluffy crepe blanket. YUM!

Flickr shot by fauxLAhipsterAlso served was scallop ceviche with chopped macerated tropical fruits (mango and kiwi) and a dusting of squid ink powder. I couldn’t really taste the squid ink powder, but it’s always interesting to eat something you don’t know and trying to figure out what’s in it! It was also my first time experiencing ceviche that didn’t taste citrus-y. I enjoyed this as well, but since I’m not a raw food fan (no oyster shooters or sashimi for me!) I favored the crepe.

BTW, thanks to HC of LA/OC Foodventures for breaking down all the mysterioso ingredients for me. Chef Ludo is doing his second LudoBites event at Royal/T during the exhibit for December but unfortunately it’s completely sold out.

However, Royal/T’s kitchen serves up many yummy treats and this event was no exception. The tuna tartare atop a crispy wonton chip was fresh and flavorful. There were many yummy drinks being poured including a pomegranate mimosa, Kirin Ichiban Lager and a crisp, refreshing iichiko shochu that was well accentuated by a small wedge of lemon. No surprise, since lemon juice is the most popular mixer for Korean soju.

Despite my confusion over the current exhibit, I will always admire Royal/T Cafe and its continued efforts to bring a bit of creativity using a variety of mediums palatable for the masses to the Westside.


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