Nerding Out to Microbrewed Beer and Vintage Devo

— by Food Marathon

Devo photo by Andrew Youssef

By Food Marathon

To guest blog for Caroline one must drink. I’ve spent a good portion of the last 10 years drinking, so I feel comfortable reporting in a semi-professional capacity in Caroline’s absence. She was also part of the blogger mashup marathon series. Although food is my main interest, I enjoy music and alcohol in second and third place. All three were equally present last week when I went on a mini beer marathon before the Devo concert.

The night started at Golden State because Jason tweeted that they “just got a keg ofBeer at Golden State Avery Dugana IPA…a beer you will NOT see everywhere.” I also saw on Twitter that they had pumpkin eggnog gelato from Scoops. Thank you, Twitter, for keeping me updated about things I didn’t know I needed, but I shouldn’t live without.
We ordered Avery’s limited release IPA — billed as “a Double India Pale Ale, brutally bitter, dank, piney and resinous ale designed for those seeking a divine hop experience.” It actually was wonderful despite the intense description. The fragrant aroma far outweighed the bitterness, the pine flourished and the dankness was comforting more than frightening.

We also had an AleSmith Grand CRU. It’s “tremendously intriguing, complex flavors play upon the palate shifting from sweet to tangy to hoppy.” The candied fruits stand out in this one, smooth and in perfect complement to the sweet potato fries (which were suggested by Jason).

Golden State Burger We finally tried Golden State’s burger, which is definitely one of the better ones in L.A. I think I liked Umami’s better, but it also was covered in chilis.

For dessert we tried four flavors of Scoops’ gelato: white chocolate hazelnut, chocolate Earl Grey, pumpkin eggnog, raspberry tiramisu. It was as good as it sounds.

Next up was Blue Palms Brewhouse, as Jason recommended an IPA there that could rival the Avery Dugana. Blue Palms also shares a wall with the Music Box at the Henry Fonda, which is where we were seeing Devo perform their first album in its entirety. Yes, that’s equal parts food nerd and music nerd, for those keeping track.

Unfortunately they were out of the Sculpin IPA, a beer that seems to be phenomenal based on the reviews. Instead IBlue Palms Brews made the mistake of ordering the Green Flash West Coast IPA. It didn’t even come close to the Dugana. It was bitter, sour and heavy.

At the concert the beer options weren’t as sophisticated, so I went with an Amstel Light. It actually wasn’t terrible after the Green Flash…but I probably will get lynched by the beer nerds for saying that.

The show was terrific. The 40-something Devo geeks were out in full force and regalia. Many fans wore their infamous red energy dome hats, some even donned the full yellow suit. Despite their AARP-eligible ages, Devo still put on a high-energy, well-coordinated show. The tours are in connection with Warner Bros’ deluxe re-release of their albums Are We Not Men? and Freedom of Choice. The tour continues throughout the country for the rest of November.


I don’t care if you call me a nerd. It was fun.