Marked5 Burger: What Do Bloggers Think of It?

— by Caroline on Crack

There are so many food trucks out there now that it’s hard to be able to try them all, but this past Saturday after brunch in Venice with H.C. of LA and OC Foodventures, Sonja of Active Foodie and my friend Mei-Mei we spotted the Marked5 truck (Japanese style burgers). Even though we had just eaten at Gjelina we still felt compelled to check it out.

Mei-Mei was nice enough to spring for the Torakku beef burger for us to split. Made with Angus beef marinated in “Marked5 secret Torakku sauce” as well as Romaine lettuce, vegetables and rice buns, it basically looks like a burger (Carl’s Jr. burger size) with white rice buns. That’s why the chef couldn’t split it four ways for us. He said it would just fall apart. So instead we treated it like a communal burger. Hey, we’re all friends here.

H.C. took the first bite while we anxiously waited to hear his thoughts. He doesn’t say it in the video but eventually he did relay, “Marked5 is all right, if a little messy. I’ll give it a try again if I spotted them.” M’OK. I had enjoyed my bite of the burger, too, well enough but would have preferred to get the Katsu Pork which has received high praise in the blogosphere and just sounds yummy: “tender boneless pork fried to golden perfection served with Marked5’s special Katsu sauce along with fresh cabbage” and the rice buns. But their off-the-menu spam and egg sandwich sounded intriguing, too!

The great thing about the Marked5 truck is that everything costs just 5 bucks. “So for all of you it would have been only $20 for lunch,” said the guy at the truck. We all looked at each other since we had just dropped about $30 a person at Gjelina earlier. D’oh! Oh well.

Hopefully I’ll run into the Marked5 truck again soon. They don’t seem to be as Web-savvy as Kogi, but that’s OK. Marked5 does have a Twitter that fans can follow if the calendar on their site hasn’t been updated.

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