A New Challenge: Conquer the Bridge 2009 5-Mile Race

— by Caroline on Crack

Flickr shot by sryffel

Flickr shot by sryffel

Sure, you probably love driving over the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro on your way to the LBC but how about running that long ascent on your own two feet? That uphill not so fun, those expansion grates kinda tricky. But this Conquer the Bridge 2009 race was two years in the making because it was pending approval from the local and state agencies all this time. It’s also the first running event allowed over the Bridge in over a decade. So I HAVE to run it!

The USATF-sanctioned course will start off in San Pedro off 5th Street and continue on the bridge where the turn-around occurs at the Amazon Thunder U-turn. It’ll be a challenging course fer sure so no strollers, no dogs and no bikes allowed. But if you want to walk it instead of run it, you can. I might have to on the way back although I will try my hardest to resist.

As for the parking situation, since the race will be on Labor Day, there will be ample parking! Which is great because there won’t be bag checks.

Another great thing about this race? You can do a celebratory brunch in San Pedro! Who’s with me?

BTW, today is the last day to register for $32. Tomorrow, the reg fee goes up to $37.


San Pedro/Vincent Thomas Bridge
Harbor Boulevard/5th Street
Los Angeles, California 90189 (map)