Under One Umbrella Event: Chef Tastings and Molecular Mixology

— by Caroline on Crack


Event production group Salt of the Earth and event catering company Epicurean Umbrella present an unusual night of collaborative chef tastings and molecular mixology at the Mark in West L.A. this Thursday.

Unlike most food events, this one will be set up like a gallery exhibition instead of food festival or seated dinner. Every hour, chefs Renieri Caceres (of Botero at Encore in Vegas), Tomas Rivera (co-founder of Salt of the Earth) and Al Gordon (co-founder of Epicurean Umbrella) will each present a tasting plate, which are the size of a bread/salad plate, to be passed to guests. You’ll know which chef you’re getting by the colored lighting shining that particular hour. It’s so crazy that it might just work!

Here’s a sample of the evening’s menu.

Some of the tasting plates:

  • Brioche crusted scallop with fresh corn pudding (this is presented with the truffle potato salad on crostini wrapped in kobe beef)
  • The “nachos” are side by side of ahi tuna tartare and Asian duck over crispy house-made tortilla chips and wonton strips
  • The burger bite is a mini pulled shortrib sandwich with micro greens and matchstick fries

The bars:

  • The gourmet potato chip bar features Peruvian blue, sweet potato, root vegetable and classic russet chips; with mini crudite and trio of chef select aiolis and dipping sauces
  • Dessert bars featuring all in miniature: chocolate caramel hazelnut tarts, chocolate pudding cream dessert shot with vanilla bean creme, red velvet and citrus cupcakes with Italian meringue buttercream and cream cheese icing
  • Retro candy bar featuring nostalgic candy from the ’50s, ’60s and 70’s

And what you’ve been waiting for, the cocktails by San Francisco’s Liquid Alchemy:

  • The molecular cotton candy cocktail features Liquid Alchemy’s signature martini poured over citrus-infused cotton candy floss
  • The Kir Royale cocktail features tiny blackberry gelee pearls composed in calcium carbonate chloride and sodium alginate
  • The micro basil gimlet features liquid nitrogen in stainless-steel rings to create the perfect frozen cocktail “bite”

If you want to join in the food fun (I’ll be there!), tickets are $52 a person and can be purchased online or by calling (323) 350-0953.

EVENT: THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 from 7 to 10pm

The Mark
9320 W. Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90035 (map)