Cocktail To-Do List: Providence, Essex's Beer Cocktails, Tasting Kitchen

— by Caroline on Crack

This is more for me than anything, just so I can get it in order in my head. A list of cocktails and bars I’ve been meaning to check out. Ah so much to drink, so little time. And if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Beer cocktails at Essex Public House: I had an impromptu dinner here but this was after the Hollywood Roosevelt cocktails so at that point I didn’t want to drink another thing. But I heard they’re working on adding beer cocktails to their “inspired intoxicants” menu soon. Intriguing.

The Lounge at Bond St.: The second floor of this swank Beverly Hills sushi place offers cheaper food and potent cocktails of the modern and vintage nature. It kind of intimidates me because of all the fancy folk and agents but I wouldn’t be opposed to going here on a quiet night.

Magic Mojito Cotton Candy Cocktail at SLS: This is already on my 100 list. Don’t know if it’s simply gimmicky with the cocktail strained over cotton candy or if it’s actually a delicious cocktail wonder.

Wurstkuche cocktails: Matty Eggleston says these are still in the works but I think EVERYone is anticipating the list. Mmm, sausage and cocktails. I wonder if he’ll create a list to complement the food or if it’ll be a list of classic favorites.

Visit Zahra Bates at Providence: This has been on my list of to-dos for some time. Zahra has been hailed by L.A.’s best mixologists as having the ingenuity, creativity and know-how to concoct excellent libations. BTW I wish Providence’s Web site posted their cocktail menu.

Angel’s in Santa Monica: With its cocktail collection of Harvey Wallbangers and Singapore Slings, frankly I’m more curious about what this piano bar did with the old Holly’s West space.

Tasting Kitchen in Venice: This restaurant offers food and drinks made from the best ingredients of farmers’ markets. I like how their online cocktail menu is so stripped down, i.e. “gin & juice,” “scotch & meyers lemon.” Still, I wanna see what they do with these basics. Plus at $8 a cocktail, sounds like a deal.

The Beachcomber Cafe at Malibu Pier: For me it would be more about enjoying cocktails on the pier. Sounds lovely. Here, they have drinks like a Citronage Margarita, Pier Club Colada, Strawberry Fields with strawberries and bananas, and The Wizard of Ahhs, a gin, mint and lime juice cocktail.