L.A. Beer Float Showdown: It's On and It's Yummy!

— by Caroline on Crack

St. Bernardus ABT 12 Coffee Toffee Beer Float

Let’s face it, Food GPS’s Beer Float Showdown between BottleRock Downtown and Golden State is my idea. OK, not really, but I was one step away from making it happen I tell ya! OK, not really. I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t think of it sooner. It’s genius.

Fellow blogger Josh Lurie aka Food GPS, who apparently never sleeps, has organized a showdown between two L.A. restaurants that so far are the only ones in the city that feature beer floats on their menus (8 oz.’s is off the menu, at least it was the last time I checked) — The Golden State and Scoops gasp! vs. BottleRock Downtown and Milk eeee!. The event will take place at the Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood on Sunday, July 26 and it’s only $23 if you want to participate in the drinking, er, judging.

For that $23 (advance, $28 at the door), judges get four 8-oz. beer floats — two from each contender. Yup, that’s a lot of drinking so bring a designated driver. BTW, the beer floats normally run $7 at BottleRock and $8 at Golden State.

And I don’t have to tell you why this competition is so heated, right? OK, it’s because it’s pitting foodie favorite Scoops ice cream against other foodie favorite Milk. True, both ice cream parlors are as different as night and day. Scoops only sells ice cream, and a vast selection of fun flavor combinations that you never thought you’d be into and yet it becomes your new favorite. Milk sells ice cream in every form, from sundaes to bon bons to those deliciously addictive ice cream sandwiches. But how will L.A.’s ice cream darlings taste dunked in beer?

Don’t fret, it’ll be gooood beer. Consider the restaurants. BottleRock boasts an actual beer guru and therefore they offer quite a selection of beer floats. The Golden State only uses Old Rasputin Stout for its floats but you can choose whatever flavor Scoops ice cream you want to go in it. I wonder if GS will use another beer for the contest? Apparently mum’s the word on the flavor combination contenders until the day of the event.

Food GPS on how it’s going to go down:

We’ll start at 3:30 and tally up all the scorecards by about 5:30. Each attendee will be provided with a punchcard and a score sheet. The score sheet factors in flavor, originality and presentation. It will probably be 1-6 points for flavor, 1-3 points for originality and 1-3 points for presentation.

In any case it sounds like a fabulously yummy time, plus all proceeds go to benefit 826LA, the non-profit writing and tutoring program for kids 6-18. So you shouldn’t feel too guilty about indulging.

I’m definitely going. If you want to go, RSVP with Josh at joshua [at] foodgps.com, that way you get on the RSVP list and only pay $23 the day of the event. Procrastinators will pay $28 at the door. Cash only.

EVENT: SUNDAY, JULY 26 at 3:30pm

Blue Palms Brewhouse
6124 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028 (map)