Captain Kirk's Cocktails: Star Trek Specialty Drinks at ArcLight Hollywood

— by Caroline on Crack


Like I mentioned in the weekend roundup, there are still some tickets available for the 21+ screening of Star Trek at the ArcLight Hollywood. But if you miss that one, it shouldn’t stop you from missing out on the crazy Star Trek specialty cocktails ($8.50 each) the ArcLight bar will be serving up for the movie. They’ll be available for two weeks starting tomorrow. If these sweet-sounding cocktails don’t do it for you, order up something else from the full bar to toast Kirk and the gang.

  • Captains Cooler: Spiced rum, melon liqueur, orange juice and sweet & sour topped off with a splash of Sprite

  • Warp-Tini: Blend of Xellent vodka, Pama liquor, sweet & sour with a dash of grenadine

  • The Starship Stinger: Served as a shot — Xellent vodka, Blue Curacao, a splash of coconut, topped with Bacardi 151

ArcLight Hollywood
6360 W. Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028 (map)