Afternoon Delight: Beer and Chocolate Pairing at Sidebar

— by Caroline on Crack

Dionicess IV- Beer & Chocolate Tasting and Pairing.JPG

“Heyyy, you’ve got your beer on my chocolate!” “WTF? You’ve got your chocolate in my beer!” Doesn’t sound like the makings for a yummy treat? You could find out at the Dionicess IV — Beer & Chocolate Pairing event at Sidebar in Glendale Saturday the 17th. There are limited spots available for the two seatings of this unusual tastings/pairings event, that’s why I’m telling you about it now. You’ve heard of wine and cheese tastings and wine and chocolate tastings but come on, never really these two!

Enjoy five artisanal beers paired with fancy custom-crafted chocolates. Yes, I, too, was skeptical at first until food writer and event presenter Gev Kazanchyan gave me the rundown of the menu.

Some of the beers include Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Smoked Porter and Stone Levitation Ale. Mmm, Smoked Porter. The pours will be in 3-ounce tasting glasses that were made especially for the event. And since it will all amount to about 15 ounces (less than two beers) it’ll be smart to take a designated driver. For chocolate, you’ve got decadent delights from Mignon Chocolate like a marzipan saffron dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla chocolate and a dark chocolate truffle dusted in raw cocoa to name  a few. Man, I’m salivating just writing this.

Tickets are $29 with all proceeds going to Real Medicine Foundation, which provides humanitarian support to people living in disaster, post-war, and poverty stricken areas.

You can either attend the 1-3pm seating (me and estarLA are doing this one huzzah!) or go to the 4-6pm seating.

EVENT: SUNDAY, MAY 17 at 1-3pm or 4-6pm

1114 N Pacific Avenue
Glendale, California 91202 (map)
(818) 241-4542