Ammo's Small-Batch Social: Tequila Ocho

— by Caroline on Crack

Last week, Hollywood neighborhood eatery Ammo kicked off its new tasting series amid a revelry of bloggers and cocktailers. Small-Batch Social is meant to bring together booze fans and industry experts while showcasing small-production spirits, wine and beer.

And for the debut event last Thursday, Tequila Ocho, from Jalisco, Mexico, was in the spotlight with oh-so-handsome brand ambassador Scott Haro doing the pouring and the explaining of Tequila Ocho’s 2008 Plato, Reposado and Anejo tequilas. Bonus was that each sample was accompanied by a tasty sangrita to complement the flavors of the tequila.

  • Plata: “a sweetly floral nose with extra ripe agaves and candied fruit presenting themselves.” Sangrita: cucumber mint with lemon
  • Reposado: “soft, ripe agave followed by balanced fruit and acidity that delivers an incredibly smooth taste.” Sangrita: tangerine with lime, jalapeno and cilantro
  • Anejo: “thick and smooth…finishes with coffee and cacao accents.” Sangrita: Tomato with chile de arbol, toasted coriander, rosemary and lime

We liked the Plata the best for its smoothness and drinkability while the tangerine sangrita made us long for it in a bigger glass. The delicious appetizers — steak on a rosemary spear, kanpachi crudo on a spoon and oven-roasted chicken with mint, cilantro and ginger on a bed of lettuce — kept the attendees sated between tastings. We just wished that they put out two more plates of that steak with rosemary. So tender and juicy.

The intimate group of tequila tasters crowded in the smallish bar area of the restaurant, making us wonder how they’d do this if more people showed up. Not a stretch considering all the coverage the event got from Daily Candy, Tasting Table and LA TimesDaily Dish blog just last week.

Fortunately it never got out of hand and we socialized, compared notes and, naturally, enjoyed the tequila.

No confirmation yet on what will be the focus of next month’s social (there’s talk of a vodka tasting) but it’ll still be in the affordable $20 range.

By the way, you can get a taste of Tequila Ocho in Ammo’s newest cocktail on the menu, Tequila Ocho Margarita which is Tequila Ocho Plata, agave nectar and lime (salt only if you request it).

Ammo Cafe
1155 N Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038 (map)
(323) 467-3293

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