Dear Caroline on Crack: A Classy Birthday With Flip Cup Potential on the Westside?

— by Caroline on Crack

Dear Caroline on Crack,

A friend of mine is looking to have her 30th birthday somewhere on the Westside on a Saturday night that has good beer or at least good drinks, an outdoor area where people can be loud, yet is still kind of classy. The new Home in Silver Lake is a great example of what she’s looking for, but it’s pretty far away for a mostly Westside crowd.

Father’s Office would be awesome but it’s just not good for large parties with 20ish (max 30) people because of the whole waiting-in-line-regardless-of-who’s-inside thing. I guess it doesn’t HAVE to have an outdoor area, but… it would be ideal. I know she really wants to be able to play flip cup but has pretty much accepted that that’s near impossible. Any ideas? Thanks a lot — love your blog!


Flip Cup Contestant #2

Dear Flip Cup,

I don’t know if there is a classy gastropub-type place that allows flip cup. 😉 Anyway, yeah, finding a place for 20 people on a Saturday night can be tough. I’d suggest going to Father’s Office in Culver City earlier in the day and securing those outdoor tables. Or you can take up the seating areas in the Alibi Room in West LA which also has a small outdoor patio. Or Westside Tavern has a cool bar area with craft beer and vintage cocktails. Only thing is that it may be crazy on a weekend night.

As with any place on a Saturday night, I’d suggest starting things early like at 6 or 7. That may not be what she wants to hear but I always find that that way you can stake out a good spot and have easy access to the bar. By the time the party winds down, the venue will be packed and the party reinvigorated.

For cocktails Copa d’Oro in Santa Monica has these cool booths that look like private rooms as they are enclosed by three walls. I think you can reserve those. That bar is def best, though, when you get there before the weekend crowds at 8 or 9.

Hope that helps!