Gran Centenario Rosangel Cocktail Event: Female Mixologists, Cocktail Competition, Free Booze

— by Caroline on Crack

by Caroline on Crack

Last year Bar Code on Metromix complained how there didn’t seem to be any good women mixologists in L.A. There were plenty of women bartenders, sure, but not those who actually created drinks on the menu. In the dude’s defense (I’m assuming he’s a dude), I can see why he’d think that. Plenty of times I’ve happened in on a bar and only found a boobilicious bartender who seemed to know more about posing than mixing.

But if he just asked around, even star bartenders like Marcos Tello of the Edison and Vincenzo Marianella of Copa d’Oro would have pointed him toward Natalie Bovis-Nelsen (Liquid Muse, cocktail caterer and author) and Christine D’Abrosca at Silver Lake’s Malo just for starters.

In any case, at the Gran Centenario Rosangel Cocktail Event tomorrow night at Malo, the best female mixologists in the city will finally get their deserved place in the spotlight as they create cocktails out of the new award-winning hibiscus-infused tequila.

Featured female mixologists of the night are:

  • Kim Haasarud: Founder of Los Angeles-based beverage consulting company Liquid Architecture.
  • Kylee Van Dillen: Up-and-comer mixologist works at Westside Tavern.
  • Tina Brandelli: Former mixologist at Alembic in San Francisco, but now back in L.A.
  • Marleigh Riggins: Author/publisher of Sloshed! and contributor to Mixoloseum.
  • Natalie Bovis-Nelsen: The Liquid Muse herself.

There will also be a cocktail competition where official judges (which include Marcos Tello in drag!) award the prize of $250 and a Gran Centenario Los Angeles Cocktail Book to the winner. But the crowd will also get to choose the Peoples’ Choice winner who will get $150.

Competitors include the likes of Jason Bran, head bartender of XIV, Matty Eggleston of Hungry Cat and The Varnish and sweet Silamith Weir, cocktail enthusiast and Martin Millers Gin LA market manager.

The cocktails are free upstairs in the newly renovated section of Malo where the event will take place so get there early  early. My hookup Christine D’Abrosca of Malo says I can put my readers on the guest list so just leave a comment here as your rsvp and I’ll get you in.

If there isn’t room upstairs (which holds 150), attendees can always purchase the fab food and specialty cocktails downstairs in the main restaurant.

See you there!

UPDATE: RSVP list is closed and now it’s just first come first serve.

EVENT: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 from 7 to 11pm

Malo Restaurant
4326 W. Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90029 (map)