Singles Isn't a Bad Word at's Wine Tasting Event

— by Caroline on Crack

I’m getting the sense that singletons don’t like going to any event that has the word “singles” in its title. When I tried to get my single friends to attend’s singles wine tasting at BottleRock with me last week, an event that promised 12 wine samples for only $25, mind you — they all shied away. Wuuut? Some thought it would be cheesy with desperate singles trolling for anyone they could get their hands on. While other naysayers thought it would be the ideal event for cougars and swinging bachelors.

So, I took the bullet for my shy friends and went to check it out. Yes, I’m a good friend. And no, I’m not single but I figured if I gave out the “I’m taken” vibe I’d be OK. Not to say that I’m soo sexay that I’d be fighting off all the mens at this shindig but just in case. For those who don’t know, the “I’m taken” vibe would involve no eye contact, no getting-to-know-you questions, crossed arms and legs and a boring outfit. At least I got that last part right.

I couldn’t help it! There was wine and the girls who were sitting next to me all knew each other so they talked amongst themselves most of the time. And since I didn’t bring anyone with me, I had no one to talk to, that is except this nice young man sitting to my right. I HAD to talk to him.

Jared is a young, blonde carpenter who specializes in building Finnish (or finish?) furniture. He came out to SoCal from Minnesota because he loved the weather here and how he could easily surf or snowboard whenever the mood struck him. He’s not a big wine drinker but his drink of choice is a vodka cran.

During the course of our conversation, I kept thinking, when do I bring up my boyfriend? I felt bad. That I needed to say something so that he wouldn’t waste his time with me. But when’s a good time to do that without sounding defensive? And then I thought if I did he’d wonder what the eff I was doing at a singles wine tasting.

Fortunately, though, Chandler, one of the co-founders of, moved Jared and the girls to other locations at the long table. I liked that he did that. So people have to mingle and you’re not staying in your safe bubble with your friends but meeting new people.

Of course the girls who were sitting next to me didn’t like being separated so they went and sat next to each other in the other location anyway. “They can’t tell me where to sit,” said one. Missing the point, but whatev.

The next person who sat next to me was actually a nice young man who I will just call Bob since he’s a public figure of sorts. No, not a celebrity but definitely someone who has to care about his public image and probably doesn’t want a shout-out on a post about a singles party where he conversed with someone “on crack.” Anyway, he only came to the event because he’s friends with co-founder David Kurtz. I didn’t know if he was there because he was single and looking or if he was there just to show David some support. But in the end, it seemed like the latter because we sat and talked about his job and the environment and then he had to leave. But he was a really cool guy. Kinda reminded me of Liev Schreiber.

So for my friends who skipped the event, I want to say, “Seeee?” This was actually a fun party with really fun, hip and youngish peeps. No desperate singles, just Angelenos who like to have a good time. I think it’s because that’s what the site is about and who it attracts.

The event itself lasted longer than it was supposed to and we really didn’t get to learn all that much about wine other than it gives you a good buzz and can taste yum sometimes. The sommelier who was supposed to walk us through the wines didn’t have a microphone AND he had a very thick accent so I didn’t catch ANYthing he said and therefore didn’t learn a thing. But regardless it looked like everyone was having a good time so isn’t that the most important thing?

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