Dear Caroline on Crack: Restaurant for Parents' Anniversary?

— by Caroline on Crack

Dear Caroline on Crack,

My parents’ anniversary is coming up. We are looking for a restaurant my whole family (10 people) could go to celebrate for probably like $75 a person anywhere from the Westside to downtown. Open to any cuisine, meat or fish. What do you think?


The Good Daughter

Dear Good Daughter,

That’s quite a lot of area and cuisine to work with. Hmm, how about Osteria Mozza on Highland and Melrose? I LOVE that restaurant. Nice atmosphere and you get a sense that everyone who works there really respects food, making eating there a wonderful experience. I know there are large round tables for group seatings. When I’ve gone, these tables seem to be taken up by groups of friends. And if you choose wisely, I’d say you can spend about $75 a person. Check out the menu.

When was this for? It’s best if you make reservations way in advance, especially if you’re looking for a weekend night seating.

If Mozza’s booked up what about Ivan Kane’s Cafe W as in Hollywood? They have a piano player and it feels very Moulin Rouge. Nice seating areas for a group dinner. I like the booths on the second level, a couple steps up from the main floor. Feels like you’re in another time, about to watch a Parisian cabaret.

Hope that helps,