Pink Slip Parties at Boe Restaurant

— by Caroline on Crack

AP clip of a pink slip party in New York.

With the unemployment rate in California now at an unbelievably high 9.3 percent there’s a good chance that you either just lost your job or have a real reason to fear losing your job. Sucks, I know. But don’t count me out as a Debbie Downer just yet, I know of a party!

Boe Restaurant at the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills will be hosting Pink Slip Parties on the first Tuesday of every month starting February 3 through April. This shindig allows the unemployed to schmooze it up with job recruiters from different industries while partaking of half-priced appetizers like baked brie with sun-dried tomatoes, mini curry burgers with yogurt dip and buffalo chicken skewers.

For liquid courage, there are $5 martinis like the Pink Stimulus Cocktail made from P.I.N.K. Vodka, plum and ginger. Just remember to not get too cocktailed. A new job may be on the line. Good luck, peeps, and don’t forget to bring your resume.

EVENT: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 from 6pm to 8pm

Boe Restaurant at the Crescent Hotel
403 N Crescent Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210 (map)
(310) 247-1791