944 Tea Time Premiere Party at Royal/T

— by Caroline on Crack

Blah, too sick to think of anything to blog about so here are just some pics I took of the 944 Tea Time event that Sarah of The Delicious Life, Shelley of fauxLAhipster and I went to on Tuesday. It was a premiere party for the Drew Barrymore-produced dating reality show Tough Love. The event was held at kawaii teahouse Royal/T in Culver City and was douche-y as expected.

We received two drink tickets for vodka-based cocktails and there were some passed kabobs. The kabobs were meh — beef, chicken, veggie — and definitely not enough to sate our hunger. Plus, different apps would have been nice. The passed frosted brownies perked us up though.

We had arrived a half hour later than the start time but of course everyone else wanted to arrive fashionably late so the party was really dead for a longgg while. Most of the time we just stood around at a tall table people watching who was there and snagging kabobs from the passing maids.

Halfway through our second drink, Shelley said, “After this drink, we’re leaving.” I agreed quickly downing mine, but Sarah suddenly wanted to wait. “I wanna see if these guys are going to talk to us,” she said. “Which guys?” I asked. She looked around into the sea of dudes and then realized that she forgot what they looked like. OK, yes, there were some attractive men there but in that slick, industry-type way. No thanks.

I was kinda glad that no guys came over to talk to us. Even when I was single I hated that. I guess I just didn’t like meeting guys that way. When I go out with my girls, I just want to hang out and have fun. Of course, most girls’ idea of fun IS getting picked up but whatev.

Anyway, we left just when this big black Sprinter van pulled up to the red carpet. I was trying to see who it was but Shelley said, “I don’t think real celebs arrive in vans.” “Aww, she thinks she’s famous,” Sarah added, looking at the random blonde dressed in a tight red frock, being directed by a photographer on where to stand. OK, we were catty, but that’s what’s fun about hanging out with the girls yo!