Kitchen Nightmares Wants Bad L.A. Restaurants

— by Caroline on Crack

Photo courtesy of Fox

I usually don’t do this sort of thing on this blog but I just started watching Kitchen Nightmares, well the BBC version, recently and now it’s one of my many guilty pleasures. So I thought it was really cool that they asked me and other bloggers for nominations for bad restaurants to help out in the Fox show’s third season.

I really don’t have any ideas of my own (umm, Bourbon Street Shrimp Company?) so I thought I’d throw the question to you good people. And I’ll send your answers to the KN peeps; they said I could. If your nomination is chosen, Gordon Ramsay (the man behind that restaurant at the London) will show up at the unsuccessful establishment, troubleshoot them for a week and transform them into a Michelin-worthy dining destination. Now’s your chance to help your favorite diamond-in-the-rough eatery.

Kitchen Nightmares is currently on the hunt for down-and-out restaurants in Los Angeles (as well as Boston, Philadelphia, the Tri-State area and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale).

In the comments, include the name and location of the restaurant and a brief explanation of why you think it deserves to be considered for Kitchen Nightmares. Your sad little favorite will get a restaurant makeover, a menu redo and the know-how from Mr. Ramsay himself.